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Code No : ITM/45

Publisher : EXPOSOFT

Published On : Jun 01, 2012

Class : STD_10

India : Rs. 88.00

Outside India : $ 9.00

Peer to peer and client server network, Standard protocol, modem, Internet service provider, Internet today, log on to the internet, world wide web, web site, web page and hyperlink, web terminology, http, URL and domain name, browsing or surfing the web, search engines, internet telephony, evaluation of html, characteristics of html, more about tags, tags in the body section, multicolumn text, inline images, src, benefits of html, limitations of html, more on web pages, internal and external links, tables and frames, Microsoft front page, basis of web page designing, front page editor, creating a web site, saving a web site, themes, hyperlink and tables, Exercises.